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If you own a website, but it's not visible in top 10 search results in major search engines, then you are losing precious traffic and business to your competitors. Search Engine Optimisation is the process of making sure that your web site is highly ranked and therefore "optimised" for all of the main search engines (which are primarily Google , Yahoo! and Bing) so that your web site is ranked very high on the search engine results.

Our Search Engine Optimisation / SEO Expert services are focused on ensuring that improve your search engine results and rankings through optimising your web site for search engines.  For new websites the process start from designing SEO friendly website, building and launching the website.  Focus on keyword phrases with Search Engine Optimization and ranking in mind.  We can help you in developing and implementing a clear and cost-effective plan to achieve your online marketing goals. For existing website we on-page and off-page optimisation services.  On-page focus on optimising your website pages where as off-page focuses on link building, social media and other off the page factors.

We understand that SEO has changed and there is no generic formula to get your website top rankings. Precisely why, we take every campaign in its own right and create a bespoke campaign for you. Going beyond the traditional SEO activities, such as directories and articles, we have integrated advanced social components within our SEO solutions. In a world, where search and social are intertwined, our solutions are created to keep you ahead. We deliver exceptional results.  We assure transparent, result oriented SEO – no hiding behind algorithms or complicated explanations.

Our projects normally include the following activities:

* Keyword phrase research and competition analysis
* Title, meta keyword, and meta description optimization tailored to site
* Content recommendations and optimisation to increase relevancy in search engines
* HTML code optimisation and consultation
* Inbound Link building & development as per search engine guidelines
* Site positioning and in depth SEO reporting services

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