SEO Process

Increase website speed through effective performance tuning.

Step 1: Website Analysis

We will provide you with an in depth analysis of your website and let you know the issues and the ways to make your web more visible on search engines, generate more traffic and ultimately more conversion. Your website is analysed in this step, link structure, code, navigation and content of the website. This process includes analysing top five competitors on the major search engines and produce in depth analysis.

Step 2: Keywords Research

Our experts will perform extensive research using SEO tools to find the best keywords worth your investment. Such as keywords based on business & industry, geographic location, popular searches etc. Make sure that the primary and secondary keywords are within your body copy and feature prominently. The keyword research report is sent for your review and approval.

Step 3: Optimising Pages

Onpage optimisation refers to all measures that can be taken directly within the website in order to improve its position in the search rankings. Page headings are used as both a styling element and as an SEO element. Web pages optimisation is performed for selected keywords, anchor text and other key elements. Each page analysed and specifically optimised according theme and layout.

Step 4: Code Optimisation

Correctly formatted HTML code helps ensure that all pages are indexed correctly without any major roadblocks. Coding / script changes of the website is done by our SEO Experts. Legible code and better approach make web site documents to be easily searchable and reduced the internet traffic roadblocks and ranking on internet. Analyze the code, rewrite the meta tags and keywords to ensure they are search engine optimised, web pages are search engine friendly.

Step 5: Build Link Popularity

We use number of tools to analyse links (including Google webmaster tools) and looking at the potential to build links on related clean websites.  This is to get links for maximum value in keeping with the search engine guidelines.  Unique & appealing contents, quality links are the key to good ranking on search engines. We also ensure that appropriate website details are submitted keeping in mind the guidelines from the search engines.

Step 6: SEO Tracking and Rank Reports

We provides clients various reports that includes monthly rank reports, graphs on rankings, trends, traffic flow, conversions and more. The reports enable clients and our team to analyse current performance of the SEO strategy and perform next steps to further improvements.

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