Effort & Cost associated to Website design

The cost of designing a professional website is mainly depend on the amount of effort required to build it. The major portion of the website design is about the length time / effort it takes for a designer to design the website.
A typical website design should be designed in 2 or 3 days, depending on complexity. This will usually involve main drafts also called a prototype, followed by the changes.

Once the website design is ready and approved, allow approximately 1-2 day for getting the designed converted or coded through various stages and getting ready the development work. This process also involve integrating the website design into a popular CMS, Content Management Systems of the choice.  The implementation stage on a standard website should not take any more than 1 day, or will be less in most cases. With testing (including main browser testing), search engine submissions, CMS related training etc.  In our experience, the whole project can be completed in about 6-7 working days.

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