Google Favours Mobile Friendly Websites

Google is always changing and improving their search algorithms to give users more relevant and up-to-date search results. Their current algorithm allows more mobile-friendly websites to appear in your search results. Therefore, along with desktops, it is extremely important to make sure your website is compatible on mobiles and tablets.

Average smartphone conversion rates are up 70% compared to the average desktop conversion rates. (CMS Report)

Tips for Improved Responsive Design

There are two important things that you should consider when updating your current website for mobile users or creating a new responsive website.

1. User experience and usability: As screen size is limited in mobiles and tablets, it is important to keep user experience and usability the main focus. There is no point having an extremely complicated and intricate design, which may even be aestetically pleasing, if your customers cannot use it with ease. Some things you can do is simplify your navigation on smaller screens and prioritise the most important elements of your website. Irish Web Experts have transformed existing non-responsive websites into fully functional mobile-friendly websites at affordable costs.

2. Website Performance and speed: It is no surprise that load time of your website should be short and slow websites will be abandoned by visiters. Irish Web Experts help clients to speed up your website and performance using various techniques such as code minification, optimise images, effective caching, use of CDN, reduce http requests etc.

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