Improve Website Speed for a Higher Google Rank

We at Irish Web Experts, are constantly improving our speed and performance techniques. Speed and performance, though often neglected, is a very important and integral part of any website. Many factors influence web page speed, so there are several different techniques to improve website speed, performance and overall user experience such as server speed, minimise HTTP requests, image optimisation, code minification and more. Speed & performance optimisation is not a once-off activity and so it is necessary to check your website regularly and make improvements.

If you have a slow loading website, chances are you are losing visitors every second! Let us help you in getting your slow loading website to load faster. We can improve user experience and help you rank better on Google. According to a study conducted by Amazon, they found that just a one second delay in page-load can cause 7% loss in customer conversions.

Slow websites increase your bounce rate. This is the percentage of people that leave your website without clicking past the home page. Having a high page speed score will certainly increase your online visibility but if your page speed score is lower, we can help get your website loading faster using our expert services in advanced speed optimisation.

Want your website loading faster? Contact us today for further details.

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