Magento Commerce 2.3 Release – New page builder functionality

Magento released version 2.3 of their Magento Commerce in November 2018 which included the introduction of many large features. Magento Commerce comes with a more robust set of features out of the box than Magento Open Source. Magento Commerce 2.3.1 (released on 26th March 2019) which included an innovative feature called the Magento Page Builder.

The Magento Commerce platform is trying to eliminate as much as possible the need for HTML and CSS for creating pages and managing site content, which may help owners of Magento commerce stores to manage their content more efficiently.

Available for Magento Commerce, Page Builder introduces a new drag-and-drop interface for creating content. It comes with a set of content types such as images, videos, and banners to allow these content types to be inserted into CMS pages easily. Instant preview capabilities exist in this new version that enable non-technical users to view their content before publishing.

A flexible grid system displays during page editing which allows you to position (drag-and-drop) page elements, contributing to quickening the whole process of editing web page content. Magento announced that Page Builder is fully compatible with existing Magento Commerce in-built functionality, for example, media gallery and widgets so you can incorporate these assets when creating pages. You can also add a publish date to your pages which is in the future to schedule content to go live in the future with content staging and preview.

Page Builder currently has limited availability for their Early Adopter Program. Page Builder will be generally available for all Magento Commerce customers as part of the Magento 2.3.1 release.


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